Though many products are made overseas these days, Lloyd Pans, Spokane, Wash., still produces all of its products within its own plant. “We’re proof that the notion that America doesn’t make anything anymore is wrong,” says owner John Crow. Lloyd produces baking pans, racks, pizza tools, cookware and more for the pizza, baking and restaurant industries.

"Our company was founded on the simple premise of providing honest products and excellent service," Crow says. Established in 1986, the company does business via its website, (live since 1999), which focuses on selling pizza pans, disks and accessories to independent pizzerias and restaurants.

Lloyd Plans performs all metal forming and spinning, hard-coat anodizing and PSTK finishing functions at its plant. The pans are formed using a proprietary process and exceptional grade metals, which result in products that resist warping, denting and scratching, even under the toughest conditions, the company says on its website.

Lloyd Pans also developed a water-based, easy-release coating system. Quality construction, eco- and cooking-friendly, water-based, stick-resistant coatings and type III hard-coat anodizing combine to create precision-engineered baking products. “If something doesn't work, we will fix it or we won't sell it,” Crow says. “We listen to our customers and develop our products according to their needs and standards.”