Kalsec Inc.

According to Kalsec Inc., a study conducted by its global analytical, applications and research and development team and confirmed by a Kalsec trained sensory panel, shows that the addition of Kalsec antioxidants to baked goods helps maintain their fresh aromas and flavors. In the study, adding natural antioxidants to baked and extruded goods, such as cookies and bars, resulted in a 50% reduction in hexanal values compared to the control. Hexanal is a known marker for oxidation and an indication of the formation of off-flavors and aromas that result in shorter shelf life.  

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Sternchemie GmbH & Co. KG

Available from Sternchemie GmbH & Co. KG, SternRed palm oil is a vitamin-rich oil that can be used to give many different foods, including cakes, biscuits, desserts, ready-to-eat meals and more, an appetizing golden yellow to orange-red color. The oil is derived from the flesh of the palm fruit, whose high carotene content gives it an intensive red color. SternRed is color-stable, heat-stable and flavor-neutral; contains high levels of carotenoids and vitamin E complexes; has no trans-fats; and can be used as a substitute for synthetic colors like beta-carotene. In addition, red palm oil must only be declared in ingredient lists as vegetable oil, making it declaration-friendly.

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Fresh OriginsFresh Origins, LLC

Herb Crystals and Flower Crystals are the latest additions to Fresh Origins’ offerings. Made with all-natural colors and the flavors of fresh herbs and flowers, the crystals enable chefs and mixologists to add distinctive finishing touches to culinary creations, including baked goods and desserts. Hand-harvested at their flavor and color peak, fresh herbs and edible flowers are combined with pure cane sugar to create the vibrant, flavorful crystals. Herb Crystals are available in basil and mint; Flower Crystals come in fennel and rose. All are kosher and have no added flavorings or colors.

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Oregon State UniversityOregon State University

Oregon State University develops a high-yielding, blight-resistant hazelnut for the baking and chocolate industries. Known as Wepster, or OSU 894.030, the hazelnut was bred to be shelled, blanched and sold as kernels as an alternative to the OSU-bred varieties Lewis, Clark, Sacajawea and Yamhill. Wepster produces small, round kernels with an inner skin that can be easily removed with dry heat. OSU plans to license Wepster to nurseries that agree to pay a royalty of 50 cents per tree. OSU expects nurseries to start selling limited quantities of trees to growers this spring and a larger amount next winter.

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Cyvex Nutrition

Cyvex Nutrition’s Euro black current extract achieves Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) status, making it safe for use in a wide range of functional foods, including baked goods and snacks. Euro black current is a dark berry that is a source of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. The extract is standardized to 25% anthocyanins, making it one of the most potent berry extracts on the market, according to the company. 

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American Key Food ProductsAmerican Key Food Products

American Key Food Products introduces Suchero brand organic coconut palm sugar to the North American market. Made from the sap of the coconut palm, the all-natural product has a high level of nutrients, a light brown color and a mild, sweet, nutty taste. It also contains 16 amino acids, as well as many vitamins and minerals, but no genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In addition, it’s certified organic, kosher and halal, and has a proven Glycemic Index of 35. It can be used in specialty baked goods, energy bars and beverages, as well as a tabletop sweetener. Suchero is available in a variety of bulk containers and can also be packed in individual consumer sachets in 20-, 80- and 100-unit boxes.

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