When it comes to sweeteners, consumers are more influenced by taste and price than better-for-you claims, and their buying habits are different than what they say they are. According to key findings explored in a new, free white paper titled, “Slicing up Sweetness,” conducted by Nielsen and Mintel Consulting, consumers buy sweetened foods and beverage products proportionately to their makeup of the general population. Spending doesn’t differ greatly across different lifestyles and sweetener types.

The study, commissioned with the Corn Refiners Association, also identifies six consumer segments that account for $54.8 billion in total sales in 15 high-volume food and beverage categories. It addresses the top motivators for buying specific foods and beverages and whether or not consumers avoid specific sweeteners, total sugars or calories. It also discusses whether those consumers who actively pursue a healthy lifestyle and avoid total sugars still buy sweetened products at the same rate as other segments.

More information is available at www.cornnaturally.com/white-paper/mintel-sweetener360-white-paper#sthash.OcitHSno.dpuf