Buckhorn Bakery TraysBuckhorn Inc., Milford, OH, is celebrating a major milestone this year—the 50th anniversary of the first plastic bakery tray. The company created the first plastic bakery tray in 1965 for a major grocery retailer, starting an industrywide conversion. Today, Buckhorn offers a complete selection of bakery trays to reduce transport costs, improve product protection and increase productivity in bakery manufacturing and distribution.

“Buckhorn has a history of innovation,” says Rob Tieman, Buckhorn’s director of sales and marketing. “We also manufactured the first attached lid tote for distribution in the ’70s and the first modular containers for automotive in the early ’80s. We are continuously pursuing new product ideas and markets.”

“There aren’t many products more difficult to protect than bread or bakery items,” adds Kris Roach, market manager for the company. “And to this day, one of our main goals continues to be helping customers protect their most valuable assets, whether in storage or transport.”