With the successful opening its new office in Wellingborough, England, Unifiller UK has signed a deal to be the exclusive business partner for Jeros UK, an international company with more than 50 years of experience the development, production and sales of tray cleaners and utensil washers for the food industry. Unifiller Systems, a manufacturer and supplier of portioning and decorating equipment for the food industry, says it believes it to be a “win-win deal.”

Having sold and serviced Jeros equipment for more than 20 years, Unifiller knows that keeping pans clean and in top form is challenging for bakers and food producers. Jeros’ ability to quickly and safely clean pans is the perfect solution for post retail and wholesale, says Unifiller.

“This new business partnership allows our current and future customers an opportunity to work with industry leaders in both retail and wholesale bakery and food production equipment,” says Stewart MacPherson, VP of sales and marketing for Unifiller Systems. “Furthermore, with our partnership of industry trained professionals, we will be able to diagnose, test and service Unifiller and Jeros equipment alike. Just a quick phone call is all it takes now to get local service and parts.”