The American Bakers Association is urging bakers and other food manufacturers across the country to weigh in with the USDA and members of Congress to urge them to address the current egg supply crisis. “Due to the avian influenza, egg supplies are decreasing at an alarming rate,” says Robb MacKie, ABA president and CEO. “The USDA must act now to ensure that bakers can access necessary supplies to maintain current production.”

“This is an urgent supply concern, one where many bakers have been told that they will receive less egg product supplies than they need, if any at all,” says Cory Martin, ABA director of government relations. “Recent data shows that approximately 25 percent of industrial egg product production, including liquid, frozen, and powdered eggs, is now offline due to the avian influenza. This represents a major blow to egg product ingredients bakers rely upon, and without quickly accessing additional supplies, bakers will face a dire situation.”

ABA has activated its Rise to Action Grassroots Action Center to allow bakers to weigh in and voice their concerns with the USDA and members of Congress. “Government has the ability to bring in additional egg product imports to address supply concerns,” adds MacKie. “We strongly urge the USDA and other responsible agencies to act quickly to allow temporary imports from countries that can help fill urgent demand needs while maintaining adequate food safety standards.”

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