Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery has announced that its 2016 “Snack Producer of the Year” award will go to Unique Pretzel Bakery, Reading, PA. The pretzel manufacturer is best known for its Original “Splits” pretzels. During the baking process, the raw pretzel dough is first allowed to set. When ready, the pretzel is placed in the oven where it slowly bakes and bursts open here and there along the pretzel, creating bubbles and crevices. The line includes:

  • Original “Splits”
  • Multi-Grain “Splits”
  • Extra Dark “Splits”
  • Extra Salt “Splits”
  • Unsalted “Splits”

Unique Pretzel Bakery also offers several “Shells” pretzel products that are hollow inside that the company says “eat like a chip.” The line includes:

  • Original “Shells”
  • Flavor Shocked Bacon Cheddar “Shells”
  • Flavor Shocked Buffalo “Shells”
  • Flavor Shocked Honey Mustard “Shells”
  • Flavor Shocked Tangy Ranch “Shells”

Unique Pretzel Bakery has also been a pioneer in its use of sprouted grains. The company says that the products “digest like a vegetable.” They’re made with organic, sprouted 100 percent whole-wheat flour, and each serving contains 25 grams of whole grains. The line includes:

  • Sprouted “Splits”
  • Sprouted “Shells”

Rounding-out the selection from Unique Pretzel Bakery is its covered line, which includes:

  • Milk Chocolate “Splits”
  • Dark Chocolate “Splits”
  • Assorted Chocolate “Splits”

For complete details on Unique Pretzel Bakery’s products, visit the Unique Pretzel Bakery website.

Unique Pretzel Bakery has recently expanded its production facility, adding new equipment to meet increased national demand. The company has seen strong sales of late, a unique feat in a category that has otherwise remained rather flat.

To read a recent Q&A with Justin Spannuth, VP/COO, of Unique Pretzel Bakery, see “Crafting classic pretzels.”

Complete coverage of Unique Pretzel Bakery as the 2016 Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery “Snack Producer of the Year,” including a look inside of its production facility in Reading, PA, will be featured in the February 2016 issue of the magazine.