FoodTools, Santa Barbara, CA, has updated its website,, to better serve the baking, dairy and food processing industries. The website is responsive and mobile-friendly, features photos and videos, includes an updated blog and is trilingual.

“The new FoodTools website is the go-to place for everyone from small startup bakeries to large industrial food production facilities,” says Marty Grano, president and CEO of FoodTools. “The website is organized by type of food product—round or sheet cakes, pies, cake crumbs, biscotti, cheese, pizza and more. Just click on your food product and the website will show which machines will improve the quality, consistency and efficiency of your production line.”

The launch of the new website better serves the food processing industry by bringing FoodTools information to mobile devices in a responsive web layout. "One-third of our website visitors are coming to from mobile devices," says Doug Petrovich, vice president of FoodTools. "We knew that with the change in technology, the FoodTools website needed to be redesigned to be easily viewed on mobile screens."

In addition to being mobile-friendly, the updated website includes an active blog that covers topics such as best practices, test cuts, innovative advance, and industry news. The entire website has also been translated into English, Spanish and Chinese. "As a global company, we want to serve the international customers in their own native languages," says Ryan Lantieri, international sales and service manager.