Company: Arla Foods Ingredients


Ingredient Snapshot: Arla Foods Ingredients has launched a selection of new protein and calcium-rich product application solutions. 

Among the solutions in the range is an easy-to-eat 35g ‘dairy bar’ that offers as much calcium per serving as in one glass of milk. It is 20% protein and low in calories. Benchmarked against a typical chocolate bar, it contains one third less energy and, since more of the calories come from protein, energy release in the body is optimized. This helps youngsters to feel fuller for longer than they would with confectionery, where more of the energy comes from sugars.

Other innovative application solutions in the new snacking range include a yogurt bar, a healthier dessert, a carbonized drinking yogurt and a snack cake with less than 100 calories per serving.

The kids’ snacking application solutions have been launched under Arla Foods Ingredients’ Goodness of Dairy campaign. The campaign highlights how dairy ingredients are key to tapping into growing consumer demand for food that is natural, healthy and delivers great taste and texture.