With over 200 employees, as well as being a leading manufacturer of dough processing equipment, RONDO is also one of the largest employers in the Emmental region of Switzerland. RONDO regularly invests in the expansion and modernization of its production facilities. This year, RONDO is investing heavily at the headquarters in Heimiswilstrasse: installing an ultra-modern machining center.

Gebhard Hochreutener, Production Manager of RONDO explains, "This new Turn-Mill center is mainly used for the high-precision production of rollers. These rollers are a very important element of our dough processing machinery. Our customers expect from us, as a Swiss manufacturer, the highest quality, and with this investment, we are able to further expand our leading position in the global market.”

In Burgdorf, RONDO manufactures in-house many components for its range of bakery machines. More than 80 employees, working in metalworking, welding, manufacturing and assembly, produce over 1000 dough processing machines every year, which are shipped all over the world.

"We think it is important that we have all the key competencies for manufacturing in-house. Only in this way are we able to develop our products at the highest level. This investment is a clear commitment from RONDO to produce in Switzerland," explains Dr. Michael P. Witzak, CEO of RONDO.