Company: Corbion


Ingredient Snapshot: Consumers are paying more attention to what goes into the products they consume, looking at labels and striving to make more educated purchase decisions. And while shorter labels and simpler ingredients are becoming an expectation, consumers don’t want to trade cleaner labels for diminished quality. 

So how can you balance clean label ingredients without sacrificing the quality or taste of finished bakery products? Pristine 2100, Corbion's newest clean-label enzyme blend that offers a comprehensive solution for bakers looking to develop bread with cleaner-label dough conditioning systems. Pristine 2100 has been proven to withstand the harsh bread-making process and maintain the dough’s integrity, enabling manufacturers to give consumers exactly what they want: simple ingredients, shorter labels and the same great taste. By implementing Pristine 2100, consumers are able to:

  • Satisfy consumer demands for simplified, cleaner ingredient declarations 
  • Enhance the quality and consistency of your products throughout the production process
  • Improve your bottom line through reduced formula costs, less waste and/or improved manufacturing performance