Food Safety Net Services (FSNS), a leader in the microbial, chemical testing, and auditing of food and nutraceutical products for the food safety industry, announced that Aaron Pleitner, Ph.D. has joined the company as Research Scientist. In this role, Dr. Pleitner will be managing in-plant and in-lab process validation for CCP verification, test method validation, shelf-life testing, challenge studies, and antimicrobial efficacy studies for the company.

Dr. Pleitner brings nearly 10 years in food safety experience to FSNS, including extensive quality assurance, process validation, and laboratory experience and a proven track record in delivering creative, strategic results for clients in the food industry. 

Prior to joining FSNS, Dr. Pleitner assisted Nestle Nutrition with its process validation, HACCP coordination, and aseptic process verification. Previously, he worked in quality & regulatory operations for General Mills. An experienced food safety industry speaker, Dr. Pleitner’s background also includes teaching college coursework in Food Microbiology and Introduction to Food Processing for both Purdue University and University of Alberta.

“Dr. Pleitner is a great asset to our team as he possesses both the education and experience we need to manage our scientific studies and process validation efforts,” said John Bellinger, CEO of FSNS. “His food science and food safety background is helping us focus on our mission of delivering the best customer experience possible.”

Dr. Pleitner received his Bachelor of Science and Doctorate degrees in Food Science and Food Safety from Purdue University, and earned his Master of Science in Food Microbiology from University of Alberta.