Company: Carolina Ingredients


Ingredient Snapshot: Carolina Ingredients recently released organic versions of some of its customers' favorite blends. 

  • Sweet Thai Chili: Organic Sweet Thai Chili is made up of chili pepper and sweet spices, along with citrus and sesame flavors. Chicken wings, wraps and egg rolls are sure to be great uses for this seasoning. This flavorful organic blend provides the perfect balance between sweet and spicy.
  • Salsa Verde: If you like chips and dip, you’re sure to love Salsa Verde. It also makes for a great secret ingredient in soup, stew, or chili. Packed with jalapeno flavor, onion, bell pepper and a note of cilantro, Salsa Verde is vivid, vibrant, and truly very tasteful.
  • Sweet Asian Citrus: Sweet Asian Citrus includes a hint of spice, paired with a touch of ginger, to go along with its incredibly sweet taste. This blend is wonderful on chicken wings and would help make a great meat or pork rub. This seasoning would also be a hit when applied to sweet potatoes.