Company: Deep River Snacks


Introduced: July 2017

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $1.29 - $1.49 (per 1.5 oz. bag)

Product Snapshot: Deep River Snacks has announced a packaging optimization for its iconic and flavorful line of kettle cooked potato chips. In addition, the company will launch a decadent new Black Truffle Kettle Chip this July, its first to feature a consumer nominated charity.

Making its way to retail shelves nationwide this summer, the new kettle chip packaging brings forward the vibrant colors the brand is known for, but adds a heavy dose of appetite appeal. A refined logo and the tagline, “Because We Give a Chip,” are emphasized, while other key information, such as ‘Cooked exclusively in Sunflower Oil’ and ‘10% of profits to charity,’ is added to the front of the bag.

Prized around the world for its subtle earthy flavor and fragrant aroma, Deep River Snacks has taken rare Black Truffles from Umbria and Sicily and crafted what might be our most decadent chip yet: Black Truffle. The kettle chips are Certified Gluten-Free, made with non-GMO ingredients, nut-free, and contain no artificial ingredients.

“We knew we had to approach this project very carefully to retain the key equities of our iconic packaging, while at the same time allowing enough flexibility to really make an impact on-shelf,” says Kristine Ford, vice president of marketing. “The end result is exactly what we wanted: a recognizable, but updated design that better signals the incredibly delicious chips inside the bag, and more clearly articulates our mission to ‘give a chip’.”

Package design creation was led and managed by HMSDesign, an award-winning Connecticut brand design agency with deep roots in the food and beverage industry. Eight design concepts were tested against the current package and category leaders utilizing Nielsen’s Design Navigator. The winning concept resulted in a 100% increase in preference, and significant improvements in share of attention and findability.

Along with the new packaging, the company will be launching an all natural Black Truffle Kettle Chip which combines decadent Italian truffles with their signature, crunchy chips to create a savory and fragrant chip reminiscent of truffle frites. Black Truffle Kettle Chips will be available in cases of 24-1.5oz bags starting in July 2017.

While every other Deep River Snacks chip promotes a charity that has impacted the life of an employee, Black Truffle will instead ask fans to nominate a cause to spotlight. Starting July 1st, fans will be able to help #PutACauseOnIt by using the dedicated hashtag or visiting Updated packaging, featuring the winning consumer generated charity, will debut in early 2018.

“Promoting organizations that have personally touched the life of a co-worker has been a core part of Deep River Snacks since the beginning,” says Jim Goldberg, founder and CEO. “We see our fans as a big part of that extended family, and we’re very excited to ask them to nominate causes that they ‘give a chip’ about this time.”

In addition to these changes on shelf, the company has initiated a new marketing campaign entitled, “Good Things Happen When You Give a Chip.” The campaign aims to build awareness and affinity for the company’s mission while inspiring others to ‘give a chip’ about causes that are meaningful to them.

“Our brand is growing by leaps and bounds, and the bigger we get the more we come back to what made us special in the first place: our commitment to give a chip about our product, our ingredients, giving back and delighting our partners and fans,” notes Ford.