The Barry Callebaut Group—the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality chocolate and cocoa products—and American Almond were joined by their customers and local community to celebrate the grand opening of their new facility in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

American Almond, the leader in branded artisanal nut-based ingredients in the United States, has called Brooklyn, New York home since 1924. With its Brooklyn neighborhood transitioning away from manufacturing, American Almond invested in a new facility in order to broaden its portfolio, strengthen product development and serve growing customer demand.

“We are excited to celebrate the official grand opening of the American Almond facility in Pennsauken. The site’s team members, together with the facility’s technological advancements and location, put us in a position to serve growing customer demand,” said Dave Johnson, president, Barry Callebaut, Americas. “American Almond plays a critical strategic role for Barry Callebaut and greatly expands our portfolio to include items that pair with chocolate and cocoa products.”

From its new manufacturing facility in Pennsauken, the company offers professional and home bakers, chocolatiers, pastry chefs and frozen dessert specialists a wide assortment of nuts, nut pastes, natural nut butters, crunch toppings, nut flours, bake-stable fillings, marzipan and cookie mixes. The primary products produced in Pennsauken are almonds, macaroons, nut flours and kernel paste. The 58,140 square foot facility is home to 36 employees. “As a well-known leader in Specialty foods for 100 years, we are excited to celebrate the new facility and support future product development in the nut category,” said Beau Netzer, specialty products general manager for Barry Callebaut. “The investment made to move American Almond to the Pennsauken facility underscores our commitment to a broad product portfolio.”

The Pennsauken facility is a completely refurbished building and includes equipment and processes that are new to the Barry Callebaut family. Hand-in-hand with the move to New Jersey goes various improvements on existing processes. New equipment featuring enhanced technological advancements was purchased as a result of the move announcement.

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