Company: Solvaira Specialties

Ingredient Snapshot: Solvaira Specialties has announced that it will now be offering VIDOFIBRES BF Sugar Beet Fiber products. Solvaira recently entered into an agreement with UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG of Switzerland to be the exclusive distributor of VIDOFIBRES BF in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

VIDOFIBRES BF is a high-quality sugar beet fiber produced from 100 percent Swiss natural sugar beet pulp after extraction of the sugar. Sugar beet fiber is a naturally gluten-free, multifunctional dietary food ingredient that provides moisture retention and texture to baked goods, meats and other food products. VIDOFIBRES BF is non-GMO, GRAS, USDA approved in meats & poultry, and HPB approved in Canada. High moisture retention makes bakery products fresher and softer longer while making meat products juicier and reduces cook loss.