Company: The Good Bean

Introduced: February 2018

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.99

Product Snapshot: The Good Bean is spicing it up at this year’s Expo West with the introduction of a new flavor of their Chickpea snacks, Sweet Sriracha. The sauce phenomenon of Sriracha has taken over kitchens across the U.S. It seems you can’t watch any cooking show without a chef incorporating a pop of this flavor into their kitchen menu. The Good Bean has created a snack that packs a tasty punch – without the guilt!

The spiced crunchy, crispy Chickpea snacks are a tasty way to get bean nutrition, hearty flavors and little bit of sizzle to the palette. Sriracha sauce is traditionally made of chili peppers, sugar, garlic, distilled vinegar and salt. The Good Bean created its own version that is sure to please.

When The Good Bean founder Sarah Wallace began the journey of creating a tasty snack made from the roasted Chickpeas that sprinkled her young life in India, there was one firm goal: to bring better-for-you snacks to those craving them. But that was not where her determination ceased. Wallace also wanted to bring a snack that was easy to access, plant-based and delectable. 

Bringing awareness about bean nutrition is not only her business, but a mission for the woman who created the brand. Chickpeas, fava beans and green peas are loaded with protein and fiber not derived from soy, meat or dairy products. Beans are the better-for-you protein because they have a strong nutrient profile, are 100 percent domestically-sourced beans grown in non-drought regions, certified Kosher, vegan and Non-GMO Project verified. 

The Good Bean is acutely aware of today’s consumer who welcomes fats, as many lead active lifestyles. They cook their bean snacks in a touch of coconut oil to give you that well-rounded, full-bite you crave, while offering fuel, flavor and nutrition at the same time.