Company: Hostess Brands

Introduced: April 2018

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $1.89 (single-serve) or $3.99 (multi-pack)

Product Snapshot: As the peanut butter flavor trend continues to grow, especially in the snacking category, Hostess Brands, LLC, debuts Hostess Peanut Butter Ding Dongs. Peanut Butter Ding Dongs are a triple threat of peanut butter combining the sweet taste of peanut butter cake with a peanut butter creamy filling and then peanut butter drizzle over rich fudge.

“Since the launch of Hostess White Fudge Ding Dongs last year, the Ding Dongs brand has experienced rapid growth, and now boasts a flavor for virtually every taste,” said Keith Peterfeso, brand director, All Day Snacking, Hostess Brands, LLC. “With household penetration and repeat buying households on the rise, the popularity of Ding Dongs is on an upward a trajectory we can’t ignore, and is a brand ripe for continued innovation.”

Hostess Peanut Butter Ding Dongs are now available in stores nationwide where they are sold in multipack and single serve formats.