Company: CLIO Snacks

Introduced: June 2018

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $1.39

Product Snapshot: When you think yogurt, you think traditional plastic cups filled with spoonable yogurt and occasional fruit filling. Time to think again - Clio Snacks is shaking up the yogurt category in the form of the first-to-market Greek yogurt bar. Clio bars consist of creamy, whole milk Greek yogurt wrapped in chocolate, combining the nutritional benefits of yogurt—8-9g protein and billions of probiotics—with the convenience of a bar. Additionally, the bar is a more eco-friendly choice with 15 times less packaging than a plastic yogurt cup. In other words, it is the perfect all treat, no cheat snack.

Clio’s promise of healthy indulgence is reflected not only in its product but also in the packaging. Clio breaks yogurt category norms with its colorful, energetic packaging, a clear departure from the traditional neutral pallet of the yogurt category, allowing it to truly pop on the shelf. The inclusion of a visual of the bars of package also helps to drive taste appeal and education for consumers.

“At Clio we believe in snacking clean without compromise. Our yogurt bars prove that healthy food can be convenient and most importantly, delicious. After all, why eat Greek yogurt when you can eat Greek yogurt covered in chocolate?” notes Rachel Moore, marketing director.

Clio Snacks are available in six delicious flavors: Vanilla, Strawberry, Blueberry, Hazelnut, Honey, and Espresso. Each bar has a suggested retail price of $1.39 and can be found at retailers such as Whole Foods, Walmart, Harris Teeter and Shop Rite. For more information visit