Company: Baker Perkins


Equipment Snapshot: New technology which optimizes handling of bread dough through precise temperature control on Tweedy mixing systems is being introduced by Baker Perkins at IBA in Munich (Hall A6/321). The Tweedy SuperCool process features radically enhanced bowl cooling to provide strict management of dough temperature in any climate.

Other Baker Perkins upgrades making their first appearance at IBA focus on making bread and biscuit production smoother through improvements to hygienic design that make maintenance and cleaning simpler and quicker.

The Tweedy SuperCool technique features a re-designed cooling system that significantly increases heat transfer from the dough to the cooling jacket during mixing. It gives complete control over dough temperature, which is fundamental to efficient downstream handling.  

The Tweedy SuperCool mixer is suitable for high-output plant bakeries making tin and pan bread, rolls, burger buns and pizza bases. All the Tweedy features that contribute to precise control of the dough structure and rapid mixing times maximising consistency and quality are retained.

Tweedy SuperCool enables this cost-effective and proven process to be used in hot climates including the Middle East, Latin America and parts of Asia where the number pf plant bakeries is increasing, and where effective dough temperature control is a potential problem.

Where the Tweedy process is already established, SuperCool offers tighter control of dough temperature, especially where seasonal variations in temperature can cause the dough temperature to rise to levels where the dough becomes sticky and difficult to process.

Even in temperate climates bakers frequently resort to imprecise options such as adding ice to the mixing bowl: Tweedy SuperCool eliminates the necessity to do so.

Another element in the Tweedy system, the bowl hoist, has also been upgraded. This is now washdown, with excellent access to all areas for thorough cleaning by hose. Enhanced hygiene means less debris, and any remaining debris is easy to see and remove.