Company: Baker Perkins


Equipment Snapshot: Two machines for test and laboratory applications have been added to the range of Baker Perkins Tweedy bread dough mixers. The Tweedy 8 and Tweedy 20 have maximum batch capacities of 8 and 20kg (17.5 and 44 lb) respectively.

For bakeries looking to switch to the high-speed Tweedy mixing process, these are ideal machines to try out the technology to ensure it will replicate their existing product range. 

They are also intended for use by ingredient suppliers working on new formulations to improve high-speed mixing and research organisations studying high speed mixing and other aspects of the bread making process. Applications in artisan scale bakeries, bagel, pastry and other bakery sectors are also anticipated.

The small batch size is ideal for research and testing purposes: a viewing port in the lid allows progress of the mix cycle to be monitored and process parameters can be repeatedly changed to analyse and assess results. For even greater flexibility the batch size may be reduced by up to 50% without affecting the process.

All the important process control features found on the production mixers are incorporated, including variable speed control and pressure-vacuum mixing for enhanced texture control. This allows exact replication of the process of production systems, enabling successful scaling up to full production.  

The Tweedy is an integrated weighing and mixing system for all types of mechanically developed doughs. Consistent quality is achieved by rapid mixing in up to 14 small batches per hour. Short mixing times, small batches and dynamic scheduling minimize downstream waste, giveaway and downtime caused by dough gassing. There is no resting time – dough goes directly to the divider.

Consistency is achieved through accurate weighing of ingredients followed by precise control of mixing to time or energy. Dough quality is enhanced and controlled by applying pressure at the start of the mix to assist with dough development and vacuum at the end to promote the creation of gas bubbles. Hygienic design and automatic controls contribute to high levels of operational efficiency.

Tweedy mixing systems are widely used for the complete range of pan and tin bread doughs including white, brown, wholemeal, multigrain and mixed rye loaves. The process can incorporate liquid sponge for that traditional sponge dough flavor. The largest mixer has a 385kg (850lb) batch capacity and an output up to 5,400kg/hr (11880lb/hr) while the smallest offers a 170kg (375lb) batch size and 2,400kg/hr (5280lb/hr). There is also the Tweedy 50 for small batch production.

Several integral features make the Tweedy process ideal for many other products, including burger buns, pizza, artisan-style and hearth breads, baguette, focaccia, ciabatta, batter, rye, soda, pita, brioche, breadcrumbs, bagels and sweet rolls. The scope is still being extended.