Company: Werner & Pfleiderer Bakery Technologies

Equipment Snapshot: MAMMOETH, the first fully servo-controlled dough divider is the result of the Blue Innovation Centre, an open innovation model in which WP Haton engineers develop machines together with customers and suppliers. The MAMMOETH impresses with its Cleantec design with separate dough handling zone, and automatic cleaning options. The processing of the dough is particularly gentle thanks to the Pressure Response Position system. The servo drive controls the weight with maximum accuracy at a production speed of up to 10,000 dough pieces per hour. The dough divider is suitable for Industry 4.0 Cloud and 3DTwin. The 3DTwin principle will be demonstrated at the exhibition booth of WP BAKERYGROUP. For this, a virtual 3D copy on the display will be synchronized with a MAMMOETH at the stand. This principle enables clear and smooth communications between WP Haton and the customer – regardless of the location and combined with all advantages, such as data mining, training, service and remote process control.