Company: Precision Food Innovations


Equipment Snapshot: Precision Food Innovations’ (PFI) new horizontal motion conveyor, the PURmotion, was designed with the FDA’s recent Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) guidelines in mind. PFI engineers designed and built the new piece of food processing equipment to meet the highest sanitary standards, with several new features not seen on horizontal conveyors in the past.

With an open design, solid structural framing, and no hollow tubing, there is virtually no place for bacteria and other germs to hide. Every part of the equipment has easy accessibility for sanitation cleaning.

The critical components of the PURmotion are IP69K rated, which means PFI’s new horizontal motion conveyor is able to withstand the close-range, high pressure, high temperature spray downs necessary to completely sanitize equipment, as well as completely preventing dust ingress.

“Customers in the food industry frequently purchase several types of conveyors depending on what product they want to convey,” said Greg Stravers, PFI senior vice president. “While there are many types of conveyors, four main types are common in the food industry depending on their application: belt, vibratory, bucket elevator and horizontal motion. We created PURmotion to round out our product offerings for each of the four major types.”

PURmotion offers a highly sanitary product that is extremely easy to clean and efficient in operation, with immediate reversing motion to wash down without removal of side panels.

Patents are pending on PURmotion features that allow the operator to precisely control feed rate and the ability to almost instantly reverse direction. Using an amazingly quiet servo driven motor provides the operator complete control and flexibility without disrupting adjacent operations. There is no ramp up time when an operator does need to stop and start, and even when fully loaded, starting and stopping will not damage the equipment.

Other features of the PURmotion include a smooth and gentle operation, which means the PURmotion is perfect for coated products and fragile products that break apart easily. Product doesn’t move or bounce around in the pan and stays in its lane. The PURmotion is recommended for food products, agglomerated powders and extruded, flaked or pelletized products.

With its IP69K rating, the PURmotion’s electronics and circuits will prove durable and resistant to the combination of water, chemicals, high pressures and temperatures associated with sanitizing.

PFI’s new PURmotion can be easily customized with varying lengths, cover and gate options, as well as ceiling or floor mounted options.  With its extremely quiet and easy to clean components, the PURmotion takes sanitary to a whole new level. PURmotion easily integrates into an existing or new food processing system.