Company: Daily Kneads Bread

Introduced: June 2018

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.99-$4.99 (flatbread), $4.99-$5.99 (sliced bread)

Product Snapshot: Out with white bread and in with the new and innovative Veggie Bread! With over twenty years of experience in the baking and restaurant industry, driven by their family’s passion for great bread and our commitment to sustain a “Better for you lifestyle,” Michael Itskovich and his brother launched Daily Kneads Whole Vegetable Bread in June 2018.

Daily Kneads Breads, Buns and Flats are artfully crafted, great tasting and serve a nutritional purpose. Every serving of Daily Kneads Bread is packed with a serving of vegetables. Its Veggie Breads are whole grain, all natural, non GMO, vegan and an easy and convenient way to eat more vegetables without actually peeling, chopping, dicing, roasting, grilling.

Daily Kneads Veggie Bread is a Life-Hack for consumers who are always in a hurry, who want to eat better, but don’t always find the time, and parents who want their children to eat more vegetables but don’t always know how.

Today, Daily Kneads Whole Vegetable Bread is selling sliced bread and flatbreads in retail stores with hamburger buns launching next grilling season. Pizza crusts, dipper snacks and oatmeal vegetable cookies that deliver a Serving of Vegetables are coming shortly. Available in five colorful and nutritious flavors: Carrot Pumpkin, Red Pepper, Sweet Beet, Spinach Leek and Tomato Basil.