Company: Hinoman Ltd., Tel Aviv, Israel


Ingredient Snapshot: Hinoman has received GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status for Mankai, a vegetable whole-protein ingredient that can be used in a variety of beverages and foods, including crackers, artisan breads, gluten-free baked goods, chips and extruded snacks. Mankai is high in protein (at least 45-48 percent) and low in fat (7-8 percent), according to the company, and has a 24-45 percent carbohydrate content. It can be used fresh or as a dry powder; has a flavor much lighter than that of spinach; and is low-sodium, non-allergenic and non-GMO.

Mankai is produced in an advanced hydroponic system that optimizes yield throughout the year, erports Hinoman. This precisely regulated aquaculture platform is highly controlled, operating under remote cultivation management and regulation, which helps ensure plant purity. As a result, Mankai is clean and free from all pesticides and heavy metals to a level that exceeds nutritional grade.