Consumers are spending more than ever on food and drink while demanding foods that taste natural and are less processed. To meet these changing consumer preferences, Symrise is pleased to announce Code of Nature, a new positioning that offers taste solution platforms to food and beverage brands that want to meet the demand for more nutritious food while still delivering on flavor.

"Today's consumers want exciting sensory experiences that preserve their health and wellbeing. It's about meaningful consumption," explains Emmanuel Laroche, vice president marketing & consumer insights and global marketing leader for Symrise.

Many consumers are concerned about the impact of factory farming on the quality of food. They may wonder if the soil is clean, if farmed meats are high in hormones and antibiotics, or if the foods they eat are negatively impacting their bodies or the environment. The increased availability of farm-fresh solutions helps meet this new demand, while placing pressure on food companies to adapt their menus to changing tastes.

Code of Nature delivers nutritious, high-powered and flavorful taste solutions for foods and beverages without compromising on quality. All products are carefully processed to reduce the impact on nutrition, taste, and our planet. Food that's processed less retains more nutritional value and natural taste, leading to an exciting sensory experience of fresher, better-for-you food. 

By combining a rigorous scientific approach with an ethical understanding of the moral code behind the modern diet, Symrise is positioned to develop unique, sustainable and economical products that taste authentic and honest. These high-quality natural ingredients are then optimized for authentic taste through Symrise scientists' understanding of the molecular level of nature's codes. State-of-the-art scientific processes ensure that food retains flavor, nutrients and naturalness through sensitive processing. From picking to light processing, the focus is always on the ultimate taste delivery for consumers. "Consumers want the ultimate taste experience. They want it to be more tomatoey, more chickeny. They want real food that's made with the best natural ingredients, that have been carefully sourced and prepared," Mr. Laroche explains.

Through Code of Nature, Symrise returns food to its natural state, unlocking naturalness and boosting integrity and honesty for its partners. Brands can increase consumer loyalty by creating unique sensory experiences and capitalizing on the natural flavor and nutrients in food. Consumers deliver their trust, loyalty, and integrity to brands who ally with the push for natural foods. With Code of Nature, clean label products that are preferred by consumers become easier to realize.

Only 100 percent natural ingredients, sourced from trusted people and places, find their way into Code of Nature solutions. Symrise selects its sources carefully with an eye toward integrity, sustainability, and care for the earth. There's a difference that customers can taste, see, and feel.

Symrise's recent purchase of Diana Food, which develops natural, raw material solutions for foods and beverages, will help the company to meet consumer demands with plant-based nutrition solutions. 

With all Code of Nature products, Symrise transcends existing regulations. "We set our own high standards by going beyond what's required by regulators and looking past what everyone else does," Mr. Laroche declares.

“The process is a collaboration between Symrise's scientists, who understand the moral code of nature, the farmers who grow our natural ingredients, and our food and beverage partners who value excellence in quality. The end result is a novel initiative that meets the highest standards and aligns with consumer values. Code of Nature gives consumers reasons to believe in the authenticity of naturalness, by supporting value-adding claims with declarations and communication that are honest, forthright, and accessible.”