Company: Sun & Swell Foods

Introduced: April 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $2.99

Product Snapshot: Sun & Swell Foods, a Benefit Corporation and leading clean snack food company, has officially launched compostable packaging, making it one of the first snack companies in the US market to do so. The company started rolling out its compostable packaging in March and aims to have all of its product lines transitioned over by 2020.

Sun & Swell's products retail for $2.99, and include:

“Our goal is to create snacks that are good for people and the planet. It starts with the ingredients and extends to every part of the product – including the packaging,” said Kate Flynn, founder and CEO of Sun & Swell Foods. “Once we realized that there were more sustainable solutions for packaging, it was a natural shift to apply that focus towards finding a solution and moving away from plastic.”

According to UN Environment, only 9 percent of plastic waste ever generated has been recycled, and about half of the plastic waste in the world comes from plastic packaging. Compostable food packaging is a step away from a single-use economy and a reach towards a circular economy in which all resources are regenerated for a new purpose at the end of each life stage.

Sun & Swell Foods is launching their new packaging in partnership with TIPA-Corp, a female-founded company that specializes in packaging solutions. The new compostable packaging will be clearly labeled with a compostable icon.

Sun & Swell Foods looks forward to candidly sharing the experience of the transition and serving as a resource for any organizations interested in exploring compostable options. “Our hope is to be a part of the groundswell moving towards responsible alternatives—our power and impact grows with every business that makes the switch. At the end of the day, we want to empower our consumers and retailers to make choices that protect our environment, without sacrificing nutrition or convenience,” said Flynn.

Sun & Swell Foods was founded with the mission of being the best choice for on-the-go whole food snacking. They do this by using only the cleanest ingredients, promoting responsible business at every turn, and distributing their products in places where busy professionals spend much of their day like coffee shops, cafes, studios, and work spaces. In addition to being a Certified Benefit Corporation, they’re also a member of 1 percent for the Planet.