Company: Gibble's

Introduced: May 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.49-$3.99

Product Snapshot: Gibble's Cheese Puffy's are made of 100 percent cheese, and is between a light and crunchy puff, giving it a "one of a kind" crunch that has been a favorite for the Puffy consumer for years. Gibble's recently redesigned its packaging.

Flavors include: Original Cheese Puffy, White Cheese Puffy, White Cheddar Jalapeno Puffy, and Sweet Heat Puffy.

  • The original yellow cheese Puffy is a real yellow cheddar cheese product packaged in an 8 oz. bag which retails for $3.49 that has a deep cheese flavor that is representative of the high quality real cheese we use in all of our cheese products. A creamy, crunchy can’t put them down flavor experience
  • The white cheddar cheese Puffy is a real white cheddar product packaged in an 8 oz. package which retails for $3.49 and satisfies those that love white cheddar and its light and fluffy but cheesy flavor
  • The white cheddar Jalapeno Puffy is a real white cheddar product packaged in an 8 oz. package which retails for $3.49 and has a nice slow building heat as you enjoy the creamy cheese mixed with that authentic Jalapeno flavor. Not too hot! Just the right amount of heat to eat.
  • The Sweet Heat Puffy has yellow cheese topped with just the right amount of heat. The flavor starts off sweet and then a nice heat hits you next!  Again, not so hot you can’t eat a lot, but just enough to let you know that they are “Sweet Heat”!

Gibble's also offers three flavors of potato chips: Homestyle Potato Chips, Red Hot Potato Chips, and BBQ Potato Chips

  • Original plain chip - a nice, clean, fresh potato tasting chip that eats like no other.
  • BBQ flavor - Just the right amount of BBQ to give you that savory, smoky sweet taste.
  • Red Hot -  A unique combination of hot and sweet. It starts off sweet and moves toward the heat, all with that satisfying crunch that Gibble’s is known for.