Company: Eriez

Equipment Snapshot: Eriez has announced that its DSC (Dust-tight, Sanitary, Convertible) Grate-in-Housing Magnets are now included in the company’s Quick Ship line of standard magnetic separators which are available for immediate shipping. Eriez stocks both Manual and Automatic Easy-To-Clean DSC Grates-in-Housing in three sizes, all manufactured with the industry’s most powerful Xtreme RE7 magnet circuit.

Introduced in 2017, Eriez DSC Grate-in-Housing magnetic separators have quickly captured the attention of the food industry. Product manager Chris Ramsdell says, “Our DSC Grate-in-Housing is becoming a standard part of free-flowing granular food product processing applications, including grain, coffee and popcorn. With its dust-tight construction, the DSC easily handles fine powders better and some head velocity pressure while maintaining a positive seal.”

The standard housing on the DSC is sanitary stainless steel on the interior.  Eriez also provides customized options to meet customers’ specific needs, including sanitary-welded tie bars.

Ramsdell explains that the convertible feature of the DSC Grate-in-Housing allows customers to purchase a more economical manual clean unit that can later be easily upgraded to an automatic cleaning unit with simple hand tools and a bolt-on conversion kit. He says, “Converting the DSC from manual to automatic clean is hassle-free and straightforward. No cutting or welding is required.”

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