Company: TH Foods, Inc.

Introduced: August 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.99

Product Snapshot: Crunchmaster is announcing a new line of grain-free crackers. The brand’s latest extension provides a delicious new option for those looking to be grain-free which will complement Crunchmaster’s existing Multi-Grain portfolio; as Crunchmaster strives to provide baked snack crackers for everyone. 

Being grain-free isn’t just a commitment to a lifestyle; it’s also been proven that removing grain from one’s diet can improve health in a variety of ways. For many people, grains can be difficult to digest and can aggravate symptoms of digestive disorders. In addition, a grain-free diet can help with weight loss because it’s less calorie-dense. Finally, research suggests that following a grain-free diet can help support the beneficial bacteria in your gut to maximize the health of your microbiome.

“Crunchmaster has always been committed to creating wholesome snacks that don’t compromise on taste,” said Kim Holman, marketing director at TH Foods, Crunchmaster’s parent company. “We’re constantly looking to innovate and expand our product lines in ways that respond to our consumers’ desire for delicious, on-trend snacks that fit into their healthy lifestyle and meet their dietary needs. Our new grain-free line made perfect sense as a new way to meet this demand."

Controlling cravings when you’ve cut grains or gluten from your diet can be hard, especially when it comes to snacking. But swapping in Crunchmaster Grain-Free Crackers means you don’t have to sacrifice or compromise. These crunchy, baked crackers are made from cassava flour and other grain-free ingredients for a simple, savory taste. The new line is available in three exciting flavors, two of which are vegan: Lightly Salted; Mediterranean Herb; and Romano, Asiago & Cheddar.

Being touted as the next big superfood, the primary ingredient in Crunchmaster Grain-Free Crackers is cassava, a root vegetable native to South America. Also known as yuca or manioc, cassava is paleo and vegan friendly as well as gluten and nut free, making it an excellent alternative for those with intolerances. Cassava is also nutrient-rich and packed with fiber, potassium, iron and vitamin C.

The new Grain-Free line delivers on the satisfying crunch and flavor customers have come to expect from the brand while delivering on an ingredient promise that fulfills their desire to enjoy a healthy but delicious snacking option. Along with the brand pillars of being gluten-free and made with no artificial flavors and colors, the new line is made with non-GMO ingredients for clean label, on-trend and flavorful snacking.