Company: Unity Scientific

Technology Snapshot: Unity Scientific, a KPM Analytics company, has announced the release of the CommUnity Networking Suite which helps drive down production costs and improves product quality by enabling the remote configuration, monitoring and data reporting of Unity SpectraStar NIR analyzers.

NIR spectrometers analyze thousands of samples daily, providing accurate and reliable data in support of a wide variety of production and laboratory requirements. While NIR instrumentation is very easy to use, some expertise is needed to monitor the performance and keep the instruments in top performance, a resource often lacking in many locations. CommUnity provides the tools needed to remotely optimize and manage any NIR analytical program, from one instrument to one hundred. 

CommUnity is managed with the Dashboard, an intuitive browser-based program which provides complete access to configuration settings, sample data and diagnostic results from any internet-connected computer. All settings and configurations are securely transmitted to the local instruments, where they are locked down to prevent local tampering. Sample data and diagnostic results are instantly visible for overseeing daily operations and monitoring standard procedures.

On the local instrument, operation of the NIR analyzers in a CommUnity network is simplified to sample analysis and routine diagnostic tests, with all network communications occurring automatically in the background. CommUnity reduces the training requirement of local operators to 15 minutes, a real benefit in busy production environments with changing staff and multiple shifts.

For maximum reliability CommUnity is hosted on AWS cloud servers with industry-leading security and backup protocols. CommUnity networks offer worry-free storage and connectivity with no IT overhead.

CommUnity is available as a standard service including all network tools, or as CommUnity Plus including Unity expert configuration management assistance. With either program, CommUnity Networking Suite provides the efficiency, security and visibility needed to maximize the value from NIR analyzers. 

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