C.W. Brabender Instruments, Inc has introduced Ryan Kowalski as the new food extrusion specialist for their Food Division. Mr. Kowalski will be primarily focusing on driving the application development of single screw and twin screw extrusion and interacting with customers to assist in the formulation process of their products. Ryan will also be a hands-on contributor to discussions on product development in CWB’s milling and baking products.

Ryan has his B.S. in Chemistry from Case Western Reserve University and his Ph.D. in Food Science from Washington State University. During his Ph.D., Ryan focused intensively on food extrusion processing research while also helping solve various extrusion problems in the industry through extension work with food companies. He has also helped to teach the extrusion processing course to people in the food industry on a yearly basis.

Ryan has previously worked within the food industry for two years as both and applications and processing scientist with extruded food products and has spent time developing textured protein ingredients as well as protein crisps and rice crisps.

Ryan has published 14 research articles on food extrusion and has presented research findings at multiple conferences, including as a member of both AACCI and IFT.