In 2015, Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery launched the “Best New Snack & Bakery Products” contest to honor outstanding products recently launched in the U.S. snack and bakery market—snack products and baked goods that inspire a wide range of consumers and fellow industry colleagues to take notice. These are some of the most-popular new snack and bakery products on, and across the U.S today.

The products here, presented alphabetically, comprise the ballots for the Best New Snack & Bakery Products of 2019: one category for snack products, and another category for bakery products, with one vote permitted in each category. Each product includes a link leading to complete details on the product or line.

These snacks and baked goods represent major trends across snack and bakery today, including better-for-you takes on traditional products, top flavor trends, innovative ingredients, clean label, small indulgences, current diet trends, and more (to review last year’s winners, see “Best New Snack & Bakery Products of 2018”).

The two products that take top honors this year will be revealed after voting concludes in December, with the two winners announced in the January issue of Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery and on Vote for your favorites, and may the best products win!

Best New Snack and Bakery Products 2019 poll