Company: Formost Fuji

Equipment Snapshot: Formost Fuji recently changed the obstruction detection on its premium bread wrapper.

Formost Fuji Premium Bread wrapper with Obstruction Detection reduces product waste by preventing the sealers from engaging when the sensor detects product in its path. Instead of a jam and having to clear damaged product, you simply remove the obstruction after it clears the machine and continue production without stopping the run. This feature not only reduces product waste but also saves on labor and film costs by keeping the line running.  Prior to “Obstruction Detection,” the run would stop and the operator would have to take time to remove product and reset the run which would waste several feet of film and the operator’s time.

More product features:

  • Bread loaves are wrapped and fed directly into the Formost GTS Bagger without a 90 degree transfer.
  • Saves film cost by wrapping each product to the exact loaf size using “Right Size Package Technology”
  • Inline film scoring for an “Easy Open” feature
  • Improves and simplifies the production operation with inline pass through technology for unwrapped product reducing waste and optimizing footprint.
  • Maintains freshness to extend bread life.