Company: Cibo Vita

Introduced: September 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $4.99 (retail size), $9.99-$12.99 (club size)

Product Snapshot: Cibo Vita's Keto Snack Mix, the first broadly available Keto snack available in the U.S., is a mix of cheddar cheese puffs, almonds, pepitas, pecans & macadamia nuts. The three other varieties in the Keto line are: Keto Deluxe Mix, Choconut Mix and Crunch Mix. All four mixes are infused with a patented vegan-encapsulated probiotic that promotes weight loss while simultaneously aiding the reduction of body fat. With the launch of this new product line, Cibo Vita replaces the dread of dieting with snacks that are delectable, healthy, and always functional. Keto Snack Mix mixes are available on Amazon as well as Costco and other retail outlets with different pack sizes.

The Keto line of snacks are the perfect addition to your Keto diet, credited with health benefits such as weight reduction and lowering of blood pressure as well as beneficial for fighting against diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, Alzheimer's and diabetes.

“We were the first to specifically help people snack and diet for a ketogenic lifestyle,” said Emre Imamoglu, CEO of Cibo Vita. “This entire line offers something for everyone’s tastes, fulfilling a need for healthy, on-the-go snacks that taste great.”

Cibo Vita’s Snack with Purpose line of snacks, from Nature’s Garden features products enhanced for healthy eaters, resulting in an easy and delicious way to obtain your recommended daily nutrients. The line of Nature’s Garden functional snack categories includes heart health, weight management, digestive wellness, energy and brain, immune health, essential nutrition, high protein and muscle health.

Cibo Vita uses the most advanced nutrient protection system without jeopardizing the quality, taste, aroma, color or texture of its wholesome snacks. The company is using an innovative new system which micro-encapsulates sensitive nutrients, such as probiotics, to protect them against heat, acidity, alkalinity, light and oxidation. This way, beneficial nutrients are released precisely at the right time and in the right place within your body to ensure maximum efficacy and bioavailability.