Suburban Chicago-based Fisher Nuts is excited to celebrate its 100th brand anniversary.

Fisher nuts will be celebrating its history of innovation, which has helped its Fisher recipe brand become the leading brand of recipe nuts in the baking aisle due to its resealable bags and Non-GMO Project verified product options.

The iconic nut brand started in 1920 when Sam Fisher, an immigrant from Russia, first developed a line of salted in-shell peanuts in St. Paul, Minnesota. Stationed in France during WWI, Fisher became fascinated by the local French farmers salting in-shell peanuts in their farmyards, which inspired him to experiment after the war. The Fisher nut business launched with his success, and quickly became a consumer favorite, being sold in ballparks throughout the United States.

From the popular honey-roasted nuts and healthier-for-you reduced sodium nuts to innovations in packaging, Fisher nuts has pioneered many firsts. “We are a brand that prides itself on innovation and providing our consumers with better-for-you options,” said Howard Brandeisky, senior vice president, global marketing & customer solutions for John B. Sanfilippo & Son brands. “In 2018, we launched the first of its kind line of snack nuts made simply of just nuts oven roasted and seasoned in sea salt. Our Fisher Oven Roasted Never Fried nuts, available in seven varieties, are never fried in oil like other brands on the market.”

In 2011, Fisher nuts introduced its “Freshness Seal” resealable stand-up bag to help consumers keep their nuts fresh after opening, and its “Freshness You Can See” clear plastic cans the following year. More recently, Fisher became the first national brand to launch a full line of nuts that are oven roasted and never fried in oil.

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