Company: Tate & Lyle

Ingredient Snapshot: Tate & Lyle, a global provider of food and beverage ingredients and solutions, has announced the most recent addition to its line of CLARIA Clean Label Starches with the introduction of CLARIA EVERLAST.

CLARIA EVERLAST is a breakthrough clean label starch that delivers superior shelf stability that helps preserve food quality especially extreme storage conditions.

“As the demand for simpler labels grows, Tate & Lyle has continued to expand the CLARIA line,” states Werner Barbosa, Tate & Lyle vice president, global lead, texture innovation and commercial development. “We continue to see evidence of strong growth in demand for cleaner labels, particularly in categories that will directly benefit from CLARIA EVERLAST such as Sauces (five year volume growth: +10.2 percent), Frozen Baked Goods (+15.3 percent), Yogurt (+12.9 percent), and Chilled Soup (+22.5 percent).

The CLARIA Clean Label Starch Line now includes cook-up and instant starches made from corn and tapioca starch. The introduction of CLARIA EVERLAST complements the line by solving the formulation challenges related to refrigerated and freeze/thaw stability in categories such as frozen meals, gravies, sauces, yogurts and more.

CLARIA EVERLAST labels simply as “tapioca starch” and, like all CLARIA products, it is non-GMO, and has the process tolerance, clean taste and neutral color expected in a superior clean label starch.