Introducing SNAC International's podcast! SNAC Cast is dedicated to all things snacks, from career conversations with leading industry professionals to insights on how the snack industry is adapting to meet consumers' ever-changing demands. This first "summer series" is devoted to WinS (Women in Snacks)—SNAC's initiative to champion leadership development and advancement for female professionals. The podcast features perspectives from some of the industry's top executives to learn about their journeys and the challenges they have overcome along the way, as well as advice on how to work together to make positive changes.

Why WinS? Overcoming Fear and Taking Initiative to Succeed
Featured Guest: Elizabeth Avery, President & CEO, SNAC International

In this episode, editor of Baking & Snack magazine, Joanie Spencer, talks with Elizabeth Avery about creating WinS (Women in Snacks), increasing the pipeline of women prepared for executive roles, fighting implicit bias and taking risks to succeed. 

Elizabeth opens up about her career, her mentors, her journey recognizing and overcoming implicit bias and her guiding mantra, "the only thing one has to fear is fear itself." She shares the statistics indicating that the industry has a great opportunity to help all of the women in middle management rise to the c-suite.