Company: Happy Family Organics

Introduced: October 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $14.99 (box of 10 cookies)

Product Snapshot: Happy Family Organics has launched new Happy Mama Lactation Cookies, designed to support breastfeeding mothers and their unique nutritional needs. As a parent-led company, Happy Family Organics knows that while every mom's feeding journey is different, what's most important is giving babies the best nourishment possible. The Happy Family Organics team remains committed to supporting families on their infant feeding journeys with a free online chat service run by their team of lactation consultants and registered dietitian nutritionists, organic infant formulas, and now, Happy Mama Lactation Cookies and an accompanying Happy Baby Experts Amazon ALEXA Infant Feeding Support skill.

Breastfeeding can be one of the most rewarding, yet challenging parts of a new mother's life. In fact, over half of the questions Happy Family Organics® receives via its free, live infant feeding chat are related to breastfeeding anxiety—many moms are particularly concerned about low supply, how often they should breastfeed, and if their baby is getting enough milk. Additionally, the pandemic has altered many mothers' feeding plans: 29 percent of moms of babies 0-12 months are breastfeeding longer than planned.

Many new moms turn to lactation cookie recipes as an easy and delicious way to support their breastfeeding journey, but in reality, it can be challenging to find the time to shop for unique ingredients, such as brewer's yeast, and bake cookies all while caring for an infant. That's why Happy Family Organics® and its in-house team of lactation consultants developed the first and only lactation support cookies that are certified USDA organic, dairy-free, and include a unique Nutrient-Boost Blend to support breastfeeding moms' increased nutrient needs.

"As a mom of three currently breastfeeding a newborn, nursing has been an incredibly unique experience that comes with new challenges each time, but ultimately has been one of the most rewarding aspects of motherhood for me," said Anne Laraway, CEO of Happy Family Organics. "Our Lactation Cookies were made to support breastfeeding moms' dietary needs, all while helping them feel confident. And it doesn't hurt that they're delicious too!"

Research from Happy Family Organics® found that 91 percent of lactation cookie buyers are seeking key nutrients to help support their specific nutritional requirements. Noticing that most lactation cookies in the US—including the #1 selling brand—had similar ingredients, but no added nutrients specifically targeting lactating moms, Happy Family Organics identified a gap in the market that inspired its team to create lactation cookies with a unique Nutrient Boost Blend to help support breastfeeding moms. The Nutrient Boost Blend is made up of 100mg DHA (half or more than the amount in most prenatal vitamins), which helps support baby's brain and eye health. It's an important nutrient to include as roughly 20 percent of mom's dietary DHA passes through to baby in her breast milk. The cookies' unique Nutrient Boost Blend also includes iron for oxygen circulation, vitamin D to support bone health, vitamins B6 & B2, folic acid, biotin, thiamin, and iodine. In addition, the cookies include traditional ingredients that lactation cookie recipes call for and breastfeeding mothers seek out (including oats, ground flaxseed, brewer's yeast) all in a recipe that moms will crave.

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