For the last 75 years, food lovers have enjoyed more than 300 varieties of craveable snacks from Pennsylvania-based Herr’s, the nation’s largest family-owned snack maker. As Herr’s transitions from second to third-generation management, the company remains at the forefront of innovation and continues to create flavor-packed snacks that have become favorites of fans near and far. To commemorate the landmark 75th anniversary, Herr’s is releasing a limited-edition Homestyle kettle cooked potato chip and launching 75 days of celebrations to give back to the Philadelphia communities and fans who have supported Herr’s through the years.

From its beginning in 1946, Herr’s has had a mission of charitable giving and environmental responsibility. As part of their 75th anniversary celebration, Herr’s has donated $25,000 to the Salvation Army’s food assistance program, providing meals to over 6,000 families in Philadelphia.

Additionally, from April 11-May 14, Herr’s is launching the #ChipInChallenge campaign to help the Philadelphia community and small businesses who struggled during this past year. To jump-start the “chip it forward” movement, Herr’s will surprise and delight consumers across Philadelphia neighborhoods by buying their lunch, including a bag of chips, and encourage them to join the #ChipInChallenge by paying it forward to a fellow Philadelphian. To help build momentum for this random act of kindness, those who take the challenge are encouraged to share on social media with #ChipInChallenge.

“It takes all of us to come together during these difficult times to help each other. Hard times like these are when Philadelphia shows its best self and sometimes a small act can go a long way to help our neighborhoods and small businesses stay afloat,” said Chairman and CEO Ed Herr.  “We want to continue helping the city and our consumers that have supported us for 75 years. With this in mind, we are contributing to the Salvation Army to help them provide food assistance for thousands of families, as well as starting the #ChipinChallenge, an initiative to chip in a little for someone else at your favorite stores across Philadelphia.”

In addition to charitable giving, innovation has also been an important focus for Herr’s since the early days of the company. Celebrating a history of flavor innovation, which began in 1958 when Herr’s introduced its first flavored potato chip: barbecue, the company has invited fans the chance to vote for their favorite unique Herr’s flavor.

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