With vaccine eligibility now open to anyone 16 and older, Clif Bar is working to protect its people and pay it forward for farmworkers.

The company is offering a one-time cash incentive of $150 to Clif employees who voluntarily choose to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Employees may also elect for Clif Bar to donate their incentive to Migrant Clinicians Network (MCN), a national clinical network of health care providers who care for underserved communities including migrants, immigrants, refugees, and food and farmworker communities. This donation builds on Clif Bar's support for MCN and other farmworker organizations during the pandemic for PPE and other COVID-related support.

Much of MCN’s work in 2020 shifted toward protecting these populations from COVID-19 and reducing health inequities that the virus has amplified, including providing access to educational resources for the public and health care providers, as well as information about testing and vaccinations. It is critical to support essential workers at this pivotal time, as widespread eligibility does not necessarily mean widespread education or adoption.