Company: Oregon Fruit Products

Ingredient Snapshot: Oregon Fruit Products is announcing two new varieties of Fruit In Hand Compotes for the foodservice market: Cherry Compote and Peach in Raspberry Sauce Compote. Oregon Fruit Compotes feature distinct, large pieces of vibrant fruit in a thick sauce, creating the experience of fresh, house-made compotes while expediting valuable prep time in casual dining, quick-service and commissary kitchens.

Oregon Fruit Cherry Compote consists of diced Northwest cherries in juicy, thick cherry sauce. With its deep scarlet color and rich cherry flavor, it adds striking visual contrast and elevates any dessert or breakfast dish, from cheesecake to yogurt parfaits. Peach in Raspberry Sauce Compote is real diced peaches combined with rich, spoon-able, seedless raspberry sauce, ready to dollop on pancakes, yogurt, ice cream, waffles, crepes, or French toast. Peach in Raspberry Sauce Compote naturally compliments brown sugar and cinnamon notes, and is an expedient, ready-to-use fruit base for baked goods such as crumbles, crisps and cobblers.

“Our compotes taste as if the fruit was just picked and prepared moments ago, and yet they save the back of the house hours of time and expense in sourcing and preparation,” says Wendy Bramley, director of foodservice at Oregon Fruit Products. “Cherries, peaches and raspberries carry widespread appeal with consumers, and so we expect these compotes to generate a lot of excitement, especially in the summer and fall months. Even though they have a two-year shelf life while frozen, we certainly don’t expect them to last that long on any menu!”