Company: Yishi


Introduced: May 2021

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $7.99 (11.3 oz. pouch), $16.99 (6-pack)

Product Snapshot: Yishi is revolutionizing the idea that oatmeal can't taste delicious and still be healthy. Yishi's superfood oatmeal is organic, gluten-free, and has zero sugar. 

Yishi has worked with registered dietitians to formulate recipes with functional superfood ingredients to support daily wellness with improved energy when needing that midday pick-me-up calmness when our Zoom meeting is way too long, and of course, promoting great skin health.

Taro Bubble Tea Oatmeal is formulated with black tea for mental clarity, earthy taro, and toasty coconut, helping to ground an unsteady mind so that you can be attentive and engaged throughout your day. Whether you’re struggling to concentrate on work or find your mind wandering in multiple directions, these creamy oats will bring you peaceful clarity.

Brimming with powerful antioxidants and natural caffeine, Yishi's Matcha Latte Oatmeal uses organic matcha to bring you a calm, steady vigilance. Made with nourishing flaxseed and dairy-free coconut milk, this convenient treat allows you to enjoy a small moment of ceremony before you take on the day.