Company: Mondelēz International

Introduced: June 2021

Distribution: National

Product Snapshot: By June 27, the government has to disclose everything they know about UFOs (per the committee's comments in the 'Advanced Aerial Threats' section of the Intelligence Authorization Act). As we wait to learn what is really out there, OREO is sending a sign of peace and unity to any extraterrestrials out there with a playful offering of earth’s number 1 cookie. 

For over 109 years, OREO has brought people on earth together by inspiring playful moments of connection. Now, the brand is extending that mission across the universe to enable all possible lifeforms to come together over an OREO cookie.

To roll out the welcome mat, OREO created a friendly offering on a private farm in the heart of the country for extraterrestrials to land safely and enjoy a fully stocked site complete with OREO cookies and milk!

To set the scene just right, the brand hired an expert to build the site, which follows the familiar design of the center of an OREO cookie, and crowdsourced preferences from fans on social to determine cookie flavor, milk type, and more to include in the offering. 

Now, OREO is inviting earthlings everywhere to make their own offerings at home with the release of specially designed packs of cookies. Fans have a chance to snag the OREO Offering cookies that are available for a limited time, by visiting

  • Simply position a cookie in the center of the specially designed pack and place it within clear view of the night sky to share a sign of peace and unity to any extraterrestrials out there.  
  • Show @OREO your own offerings on social media using #OREOOffering and be sure to say you got them for free from OREO.
  • OREO Offering packs are only available while supplies last, on a first-come, first-serve basis, fans just cover the cost of shipping to receive their complimentary pack.