Reading Bakery Systems (RBS) has announced the expansion of its Science & Innovation Center’s product development and equipment testing capabilities by offering new Virtual Trials and hiring additional food technologists.

“While businesses are still being impacted by pandemic-­related restrictions, consumer demand for new and healthier snack foods has accelerated. In so, we needed an efficient and effective way to serve our customer’s ever­changing product innovation and development efforts with the expertise they expect from RBS.” said Travis Getz, vice president of operations for RBS.

RBS Virtual Trials provide remote access to the Science & Innovation Center’s capabilities including product development, equipment testing and demonstration, and production of samples. Expanding its staff of experienced food technologists will help guide these Virtual Trials for customers and provide invaluable on-­site expertise.

“Full access, multi­media content is shared in real-time, just as it would be if the customer were with us on­site, regardless of their physical location around the globe.” Getz continued. “There are multiple benefits of the virtual offerings, including no travel costs, and reduced coordination and time commitments.”

The RBS Virtual Trials result in a more efficient product trial, by simplifying communications, operations, and approval of the products and process. During the trial, participants communicate with the RBS team by video conference, view the production floor from wide angle cameras, capture discrete video and still images, receive reports capturing process settings, and can have product samples shipped for analysis.

RBS is actively recruiting food technologists and any interested, experienced professionals are invited to apply.

The RBS Science & Innovation Center is currently open and available for in-person product testing, as well. RBS complies with all state and local pandemic protocols for personnel safety.

To learn more about the RBS Science & Innovation Center and its in­-person or virtual production trial programs, please click here, or call (610) 693-5816.