Company: Cortec

Equipment Snapshot: Industries that have been waiting to add “greener” packaging materials to their normal packaging processes need wait no longer. Cortec’s patent-pending Eco Wrap commercially compostable stretch film is now available on the market as an excellent substitute for traditional polyethylene stretch wrap. Eco Wrap can be used on most standard automated stretch wrap equipment to palletize goods for storage, inventory, or shipment. The only adjustment typically needed is to increase tension due to Eco Wrap’s extreme elasticity.

Eco Wrap is specially designed by Cortec Corporation to meet industrial stretch wrapping needs while allowing for final disposal in a commercial composting environment. It offers three key benefits:

  • Uses less material without sacrificing strength
  • Reduces conventional plastic waste
  • Improves user’s environmental image

By developing Eco Wrap, Cortec is forging a path that industries can follow toward “greener,” more responsible packaging methods. Made with certified compostable resin plus a tackifier additive, Eco Wrap is designed to meet the ASTM D6400 standard for commercial composting so that after use, companies can send their discarded Eco Wrap to the nearest industrial composting facility to be turned into soil amendment. In addition to serving as a responsible waste management practice, this may help users avoid tariffs, fines, and tip fees in areas where polyethylene is prohibited or restricted. Eco Wrap is shelf and curb stable and will retain its integrity until disposed of properly.

Eco Wrap is considered the first compostable stretch film that can be used on automated equipment—a must for efficient packaging in the warehousing and shipping industries. It can be used in countless stretch wrapping applications and is ideally suited for agricultural shipments such as hay bales and lumber. It is also a great option for wrapping pallets, corralling goods for shipment, wrapping luggage at airports, packaging construction materials, and transporting furniture in society’s seemingly endless moving and home furnishing activities. Eco Wrap is so versatile that practically any industry can find a use for it. 

Cortec continues to pursue an aggressive R&D program toward developing “greener” packaging solutions like Eco Wrap, which is one in a long line of commercially compostable films created by Cortec. Cortec is excited to go beyond basic compostable bags for yard waste and organics recycling to make commercially compostable grade films that can be substituted for traditional plastics in everyday industry. This expanding portfolio also includes shrink film—plus a variety of corrosion inhibiting films, bags, and stretch wrap for protective metals packaging.

Watch Eco Wrap in action on automated stretch wrapping equipment: