Company: Les vergers Boiron

Ingredient Snapshot: For over 75 years, Les vergers Boiron has been innovating to give food service professionals fruit at its best with products with preserved organoleptic properties but also make their day-to-day work easier and provide support in their creation process.

Helena Augusto, strategic marketing manager, said: “Besides switching gradually the frozen fruit purée range towards a 100 percent range with no added sugars, the 3 new ranges of Les vergers Boiron fruit purées (ambient, PGI, organic) are in line with gastronomy trends and consumption patterns. Our goal is to give professionals more freedom in creating their preparations and pave the way to new uses (savory, sweet, and beverage).”

Launched in March 2021, the 100 percent ready-to-use fruit purées of the ambient range are praised for being easy and quick to use, saving valuable time for restaurant owners and bartenders without compromising quality, and for easy storage.

The 6 flavors of the ambient range—strawberry, raspberry, mango, blackberry, passion fruit and yellow peach—have no added sugar.

Packed into 1-liter cartons that can be easily stored, they are perfect for “à la minute” dish preparations: starters, main courses, desserts, cocktails.

In line with the long-term trend for more naturalness and healthier and less processed products, Les vergers Boiron are gradually switching to no added sugar products. The entire range will be available in a 100 percent fruit version with no added sugar by 2022, giving professionals more creative freedom.

Launched in early 2021, the premium frozen purée range made with PGI-certified fruit (Protected Geographical Indication) highlights excellent fruits from renowned regions, which give them unique organoleptic characteristics. With no added sugar, the PGI range currently includes 3 citrus fruit references: Corsican Clementine, Siracusa Lemon and Sicilian Blood orange.

The fruit purées of the Organic range, which are the result of four years of hard work in order to meet the standards Les vergers Boiron is known for, are made by processing and blending organic fruits. Organic certified by Ecocert, they comply with very strict specifications, guaranteeing  respect for the environment, traceability and labelling that complies with regulations.