Company: Les vergers Boiron

Ingredient Snapshot: Les vergers Boiron has released more flavors in its ambient fruit purée range, the only range on the market with no added sugar. Faithful to the taste quality standards that have forged the brand’s reputation, the range now features three new flavors: apricot, pear, and pineapple.

In addition to strawberry, raspberry, mango, blackberry, passion fruit, and peach, restaurant chefs, pastry chefs and mixologists will now be able to rely on apricot, pear and, very soon, pineapple.

Les vergers Boiron ambient fruit purées are successfully used in many recipes, both in patisserie (cakes served by portion, plated desserts), restaurants (sauces, salads, soups, verrines, bowls) and drinks (juice, smoothies, mocktails, cocktails).

The ambient fruit purées come in a 1-liter carton, are convenient to store, easy to dose and manipulate, and can be kept at room temperature (BBD 15 months*).

*BBD 12 months for strawberry