Flavorchem and Orchidia Fragrances, businesses in the creation and manufacturing of flavor, ingredient, and fragrance solutions, have launched their new co-branded website as a reflection of the company’s innovation and positioning to better serve the changing needs of local and global clients.

After rebranding both divisions in January of 2019, the family-owned business made the strategic decision to move to a single, co-branded website that represents both Flavorchem and Orchidia Fragrances. The dual branding reinforces the direction of the company’s evolution, which is bringing both divisions closer together. The increased alignment of the two divisions leverages the strengths of both brands and allows Orchidia to better leverage the scale and resources of Flavorchem.

“We've made a significant investment in innovation, such as the opening of the SRS Center for Taste Innovation and clean-processing technologies, that we wanted to carry over to our website—our most visible external representation to reflect that refreshed identity,” said Laura Dembitzer, director of marketing & communications.

The new website has a modern design that aligns with the rebranded identity, retains the connection to the company history and legacy, and shows transparency into the company by featuring real photos of the facility, personnel, and applications. The mouth-watering, visually stimulating photography and videos create a multi-sensory, fun experience for visitors and customers alike.

The site includes added technology and more functionality for an enhanced user experience. “We wanted our website to be a tool and resource for customers to keep coming back to,” adds Dembitzer. One of the most significant new features involves adding a future customer portal that allows customers the ability to retrieve their own regulatory documents. The website will be an ongoing improvement project with evolving add-ons as the F&F enterprise continues to elevate and modernize their brand.

To learn more, please visit Flavorchem.com.