SGS is proud to announce that SGS and V-Label have joined forces in a partnership that will promote vegan and vegetarian authenticity in food and wine on a global scale.

Increasing consumer awareness of health, animal welfare, and environmental issues has driven the rapid growth in the consumption of vegan and vegetarian foods—a trend that is expected to continue, and even accelerate. Recent research predicts that the global plant-based vegan market will grow to $4.2 billion by the end of 2021, achieving a growth of 17 percent in only one year.


A partnership that builds consumer trust in the vegan and vegetarian markets

V-Label is a trusted and internationally recognized mark for vegan and vegetarian quality, while SGS is a worldwide food certification body, boasting the largest geographical auditor footprint.

This fusion of strengths provides a transparent stamp of quality for vegan and vegetarian consumers globally.

Jeff McDonald, executive vice president from SGS, commented: "We are excited about this partnership, which brings together SGS expertise and our leading position in food certification and compliance programs, with V-Label, the largest and most recognized vegan-vegetarian mark. Our partnership will ensure that consumers everywhere can benefit from the added reassurance that the products they consume are authentic and meet strict standards."

"Our partnership with SGS will boost new vegan and vegetarian product development by giving producers around the world the opportunity to penetrate this rapidly expanding market and gain consumer trust using V-Label's internationally recognized mark and SGS' quality assurance seal." says Renato Pichler, CEO of V-Label GmbH.


Partnership benefits

To date, V-Label has been a unique international symbol of quality for vegans and vegetarians. This new partnership will bring the already strong recognition of V-Label to an even wider audience via the SGS global network.

The V-Label standard is supported by a fully auditable program and standard criteria, as well as the V-Label product mark. As auditing partners, SGS will ensure consistency in the implementation of the requirements with a stringent program of auditor training and qualification around the world. Clients will benefit from a certificate of compliance displaying both the SGS and V-Label logos, bringing added recognition within the global vegan and vegetarian market. 

Above all, the partnership means an even stronger presence and trusted label of choice for consumers worldwide.

With more than 25 years of experience labeling products and engaging experts in quality management, food technology, chemistry, cosmetology and marketing, V-Label is the frontrunner of a global movement. As such, they cooperate with businesses, retailers, consumers, and campaigners.